Why freedom of the press is important?

Importance of Freedom of the press

Press is essential part of civil state. It is symbol of citizen’s free sense of expression. It shows their high sense of dignity, honor. A developed and enlightened country is expose through free press. Thus freedom of the press must be ensured for an innovation nation.

Function of the press: The press plays a vital role for the country. It is directly related to the heart of the citizens. It is their mouth piece. The press give the opportunity to expose their feelings. Emotion, agreements and other phenomena. A country is known by its press. It symbolizes the people’s freedom. It gives people to express their attitude against any things either in maladministration of the government or its policies. The governments organ also understand the public sentiments through press. The press is just an eye like everyone.

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Importance of free press: As the presses are the symbol of the free people, it must be free. It should not be bridled. It must be given opportunity to work in free and fair manner. It must not be castrated. The free press should expose everything without any restrictions. If the press is free, the people of every field can understand what is happening outside and inside the country. The press act like a helping hand for everyone. So it is called the fourth state which is the mirror of the society.

Obstacles of it: Many obstacles are engulfing the press Now-A-Days. It is being pressed by the money minded, powerful and political patronages. The financial magnates or political patrons are using the press as the puppet as their hands. They use it as a tool to implement their own wish or agenda. The press becomes the mouth pieces of the obnoxious people instead of becoming the whole people. Again it is seen that the party in power also uses the press as a medium to express their wish. The press can’t be free under these forces.

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Ways to make it free: The importance of freedom of the press is undeniable. It will produce immense conductive results. Everyone of a country will be directly benefited by the free press. For the insurance of the freedom of press -, the following step must be taken:

  1. Legislation: The legislation can easily ensure the freedom of the press. It has to keep the press away from any sort of restrictions. In this case, the editor must be motivated by independent feelings and courage.
  2. Withdrawal of restriction: Every wise and sane man should realize the independence of the press. It helps to create an enlightened society. Thus the press should be free and unbiased, No sort of restrictions should be imposed. If there present any restriction, that must be withdrawal. Every individual should put constant vigilance on it.
  3. Cultivation of democratic zeal: Press helps to boost up the democracy of a country. Democratic norms and principles are vitally essential for the freedom of expression. If everyone values others and can express our ideas, there will create conscientious group. Thus democratic zeal and fervor can guarantee the freedom of press.
  4. Liberal attitude: Liberal attitude implies open heartedness and forbearance. To ensure the freedom of press, liberal attitude the significant. We should be free and sentiments. We should value others criticism on us. We should evaluate our hostile men. If we can show this type of liberal mind, the press will able to work freely.

Freedom will not be unbridled: Freedom of the press should be ensured for the betterment of everyone. But the press should maintain decency and decorum. It should not be unbridled. It should refrain itself from baseless, false, blasphemous news and ill propaganda.

Freedom of the press of crying need of the day. It should above any restrictions and bondage.

Importance of Freedom of the press

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