Teacher should be more paid in Bangladesh

Education is one of the most important parts of our life. The kind of education we will largely depends upon the kind of teachers we have in the educational institutions. Teachers guide us through the different stages of our growth. They prepare us to take on the world which we are a part of. Hence the role of the teacher is almost the same all over the world, their payment varies from country to country. Bangladesh is not exception in the variation of teacher’s payment. Now we shall judge weather teacher should be paid more in Bangladesh or not.

In Bangladesh, there is a classification of teachers – primary, secondary, higher secondary and universities. As per of classification teachers are salaried by the government of Bangladesh. But teachers are significantly under-paid in comparison to non-teachers who possess similar human capital and other observed characteristics. A decomposition exercise of the teacher and non-teacher wage gap reveals that the teacher and non-teacher salary is difference driven mostly by differential returns to observed characteristics. Moreover, the salary paid to the teachers is not enough to manage their livelihood.

Importance of female education

There is not denying the fact that teachers are main contributors of education. They pass on knowledge and values in every generation. They play crucial roles in developing one’s life. They are considered one of the main pillars of a sound and progressive society. They had a long lasting impact on students in building up their future. But they are deprived of enjoying a standard way of life due to their poor salary.

In conclusion we can say that the salary the teachers receive is not enough in comparison to the salary drawn by non-teachers. So, the government should take steps to pay all teachers more. I believe, it will attract the meritorious to the profession and they will work whole-heartedly for building the nation.

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