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Student politics in Bangladesh: Past, present and future

It is very natural that politics will be widely practiced in a democratic country. But should students really do politics? There is possibly no definite unilateral answer to this question. Our national leaders, intellectual and conscious citizens are also divided in their opinions about student politics. Some are of the opinion that as conscious citizen are future leader s of the country students cannot keep themselves aloof from political activities. By practicing politics in student life they should prepare themselves for future leadership. On the other hand, others opine that the main duty of the students is to concentrate on their studies. They should not at all be involved in politics in their student life. Moreover, students are used by the national politics leaders as their puppets to gain their own selfish end. As a result, It also become greedy and corrupt. Therefore, no person of sound judgment can support student politics.

‘Politics’ refers to the activities of the government, members of law making organization or people who try to influence the way a country is governed. College and universities students are mature enough to influence the law-makers. It is their right to praise the good activities of the government and citizen their bad activities. They can also make a movement to express their demand. So there is no apparent reasons why student should not get involved in politics.

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The students of Bangladesh played a glorious role during many crises in our national life. Who can deny the active role of our student community in the 1952 language movement, 1969 Mass Upsurge, 1971 Liberation War and later in the movement against the autocratic rule of Ershad? If we evaluate student politics from these perspectives, we cannot but say that students must do politics for the greater interest of the nation. When the nation faces any crises, student must come forward to save the nation.

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But the picture of the present student politics is entirely different. Our students have deviated from their lofty ideals and indulging in all kinds of nasty activities. They don’t have any common platform from where they can untidy stand against odds and evil prevailing in the society.  Rather, like the national level political parties there are also student parties in our college and universities and a particular political party patronizes each student party. In the guise of student politics our students are now actually working as agents of different political parties. They are being used as tools by the selfish political leaders.

However, student politics can contribute to the betterment of the country if they practice a sound politics.

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