Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

Unemployment problem in Bangladesh and it’s solution

Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

Unemployment is a great problem. This problem is prevalent everywhere. No country in the world is free from this. In our country this problem is acute and all-grasping.

What is unemployment? : When the number of people of a -particular country or area not having a job or called unemployment.

Unemployment problem in Bangladesh: Bangladesh is poor country. This country has a lot of problems. Unemployment problem is greatest of them. Our plan and projects are being failed because of this unemployment.

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Causes of it: The unemployment problem is increasing at alarming rate in our country. There are many reasons behind this which are follows:

  1. Population growth: Bangladesh is largely populated country. Our resource and employment facilities are not increasing keeping pace with it. Our growing populations fail to get job. So  they are bond to remain unemployed.
  2. Lack of job facilities: Since our independence, there have not created opportunities for work and job. Still our country is passing days in want, hunger  and diseases. The black of j0ob facilities is accelerating unemployment problem.
  3. Increase of educated people: The number of educated people is increasing. The educated youth are frustrated when they find the limited job scopes.
  4. Foreign dependence: After 46 years of independence, our country yet not achieved economic stability. We have to depended on foreign aid. At this, the industrial institution can not be established. At a result unemployment problem is created.

Ways to solve it: unemployment problem has become a wide-spread problem in our country. We have to remove this. We should do the followings:

  1. Creation of vacancies in government offices: The government should create more opportunities of jobs in its offices. If we can create more opportunities , our educated people will get job which will lesion the unemployment problems.
  2. New industries, mill and factories: We have to create more new industries , mill and factories. There our educated people will be employed and our manpower will be skilled. This will enhance our development and decrease the unemployment problem.
  3. Vocational education:  Vocational and technical  education should be included along with traditional education.  Courses on agriculture, poultry rearing and breeding, sewing must be innovated in our course. This will help to decrease the unemployment problem from the country.

We have to remove unemployment. If everyone along with our government work together, the unemployment problem will be removed from our country.

Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

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