Science is not only constructive but also destructive

Every coin has its two sides. So, everything in the world has both the dark side and the positive side. Science is the guide and the guardian of modern civilization. The use of the modern scientific devices and technologies serve us twenty four hours a day. But sometimes it is harmful and destructive for us.

Whatever may be the opinion of others,  I am always in goodwill of science for its great service to mankind. Getting  up from bed  at dawn, we start to serve by science. In our day to day life the things we use, the foods we eat, the cloths we wear, utensils we use for household chores are the gift of science.

The contribution of science is greater than destruction cause by it. In our education, medical sector, health facility, communication, it has been playing constructive role. Because of this constructive role of it, we have been able to bring the entire world into our drawing room. I think, it has brought about a revolution in our information technology.

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I don’t hesitate to tell that science has done something miraculous for human civilization. If we mention some of its contribution to us, we can’t say it a destructive power. Science has gifted us a blessed box computer by name. It is used so many benevolent work. The electricity is at the roots hundreds and thousands of constructive works of it. The e-mail, the internet, fax, telex, smart phone, satellite channels made the whole world a global village. Though it does lot of good works for mankind, it is sometimes destructive too.

Actually, it is inconsiderate and aggressive activities of human beings that has made science destructive. The nuclear weapons, the fighter planes, the chemical weapons, the missiles, the mines and lot of destructive tools have been made by using  the devices of science. The aim of these was honest at the beginning of the invention.

But in order to prove one’s  superiority over others and to gain something by force man have been using the scientific technologies in destructive activities, otherwise it can never be a destructive power.

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Science is the director and designer of modern civilization and this colorful world. Whatever may be the reason behind it, it is something destructive. So it is right to say that science is not only constructive but also destructive.

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