Qualities of a Gentleman

A gentleman is honorable to everyone. To become a gentleman, one has to process some sterling qualities. Wealth, riches and prosperity can make a man gentleman. He becomes the talk of everyone in the society.

A man who is polite and well educated, who has excellent manners and always behaves well is a gentleman. He may not be rich but everywhere he is esteemed highly. The man who is great riches, pelf and power may not be a gentleman. Others may be under his control, but they do not show respect to him from the core of his heart. Thus a gentleman takes a dignified position in the mind of man.

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To be a gentleman, one must have propriety of manners and consideration for others. His sterling qualities will begets others love and affection. He will be dignified enough to please others. He will be above all manners and prejudices. He must cultivate all essential humanities. Moreover he must be humane and kind.

A gentleman must be a man of character, he will possess sound and perfect character. He will not be tainted. Everywhere he will be established with good norms of character. He will not be corrupted and adulterated. He will raise his head everywhere with boldness and patience. He is pious, gentle, polite, courageous and self assertive. Everybody will be enticed by his purified and untainted character.

A gentleman must have honesty. He will be free, frank and honest to everyone. He will not cheat others. Nor anybody will be looked down upon by him. In all occasions his honesty will be distinct and exposed. He will not be afraid to disclose the truth everywhere. He will not surrender to any ill motives. His sense of honesty will lead him to the path of generosity.

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A gentleman must be truthful. In any situation, he will not cow down or sacrifice his sense of truthfulness. He will not be coaxed by anyone to divert from truthfulness. He will always cling to it. His truthfulness will motivate others to lead them to the path of truthfulness.

A gentleman has a dignified soul. He is enlightened, innovative and progressive. He has a refined sensibility and broader outlook. He looks at everyone and everything with greater perspective. He does not despise others nor does he back bite others.

In fact, a gentleman is one who never inflicts pains and tortures to others. He has strength and consciousness of inner state of mind. He must be honest, truthful, courageous and self respective.

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