Population needs to be converted into manpower

Manpower means the number of people available for the development of a country. The whole of the population may not be manpower. It means the skilled human beings who are contributing to the agricultural and industrial development of a country.

A large population can be both an asset and a liability to a country. When a country can involve its entire people in the development work, its population is an asset. This population can increase production and increase demand for manufactured goods. This by turn helps the country to be economically solvent.

When a country cannot utilize its manpower or when a lot of people are unemployed, its population is a liability. This country is sure to have a setback. Gradually it becomes poor and poorer.

Importance of family planning in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country where a large number of people/youth are unemployed. A lot of them are unskilled. The huge population engaged in agriculture, remains unemployed for some period in a year. This results in illiteracy, poverty, disease etc. A part of her population is exported very year. This people earn foreign exchange. Their income is eaten up by the large number of people who depend on them.

The population of Bangladesh is not an asset but a liability. All our efforts should be given to turn manpower into an asset. A few lacks of our educated young men and women remain unemployed. They are frustrated. They indulge in anti-social activities which are suicidal. Our educated manpower wastes its time, energy and life without being employed. Things should not go in this way for a long time.

Importance of female education

Almost 50% peoples of Bangladesh are among the age of 25 or less. These 50% peoples is the future of the nation. To make Bangladesh developed country, it is high time these youths/ young generation should be turned into skilled manpower.

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