Necessity of Games and Sports for youth

Necessity of games and sports

Games and sports are great of great value to us. These do not incur the loss of time and energy. These boost up body and refresh mentality. Games and sports also bear immense educative values.

Sports are two types- indoor games and outdoor games. The indoor games include cards, chess, dice, carom-board etc. The outdoor games include football, cricket, tennis, hockey, badminton, basket ball and volley ball. Both these types of sports have great importance in our life.

“A sound mind lives in a sound body” is an age of old saying. This sound body is created through sports. Thus these have much necessity. Since time immemorial, learned person are giving importance on games and sports. The wise people are adopting the utilities of games and sports. The necessities of games and sports can be summed up as follows:

Makes body fit and strong: The main and topmost utility of these is to would our body. They make our body strong and fit. The regular movements of our body through games and sports keep us animated. These helps to keep diseases way and we get strength. The indoor games sharpen our wit and increase our intelligence. The players become very clever and skillful.

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Give refreshment and energy: Games and sports are the great sports of refreshment and energy. These keep us way from monotony and dullness. These give us mental peace and satiety. After day’s work, when we go to play, we feel relaxed. During sports time, man forgets his burdens of life. He enjoys immense pleasure and satisfaction. After these, man gets animated and can resume his work with double spirit and energy. Sports also help to grow our appetite. These strengthen our digestive power. Thus sports and games are of immense benefit for us.

Makes relationship: Games and sports help to create relationship. The sportsmen can come in contact with others. They can exchange feelings, greetings and share expression. They can know one another. These help to remove barriers, prejudices and class demarcations. The global sports bring both players and viewers closer together. Then they can be tied into friendship and unity.

Necessity of games and sports

Create Moral qualities:Sports help to from some moral qualities in man and youth. The players have to follow some rules while playing. These encourage the players to be obedient to law. They also help us to learn discipline, obedient and team spirit. They also imbibe within us the spirit of endurance, selfishness, co-operations and many others qualities.

Games and sports are useful to our health and character. These help to shape our life in a smooth way. These should be embedded within our lives. These will show us to the path of prosperity and development.

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