Ministry of Land Job Circular 2024 |

Ministry of Land Job Circular 2024: Ministry of Lands has published a notification for the recruitment of manpower for its vacant posts. Ministry of Lands will appoint a total of 238 people in 01 post. Both men and women can apply for the post. Interested candidates can apply online. If interested and qualified you can also apply. The complete notification along with the application process is given in detail.

DLS job circular 2024

Ministry Of Land Job Circular 2024

Post Name: Surveyor
Number of Posts: 238.
Educational Qualification: Diploma in Engineering (Surveying).
Pay Scale: 10,200 – 24,680 Tk.

Application StartTime: 30th April 2024 from 10:00 AM onwards.
Application Deadline :30th May 2024 at 05:00 PM.

ApplicationProcess:Apply online through and send application form online.

See detailed notification…

Ministry of Land, Bangladesh:

The Ministry of Land in Bangladesh holds a pivotal role in the governance and management of land resources in the country. Established to oversee the regulation and utilization of land, it plays a crucial part in shaping policies, ensuring equitable distribution, and fostering sustainable development across Bangladesh’s diverse landscape.

The ministry is tasked with a wide array of responsibilities, ranging from land administration and registration to land-use planning and land reforms. Its primary objective is to manage land resources effectively to promote socio-economic development while safeguarding the rights of landowners and citizens.

One of the key functions of the Ministry of Land is to maintain accurate land records through its various departments and agencies. These records serve as the foundation for land ownership, transactions, and legal disputes, thereby ensuring transparency and accountability in land management.

Land administration is another critical aspect overseen by the ministry. It involves the allocation of land for various purposes, such as agriculture, industry, infrastructure, and urban development. By streamlining administrative processes and implementing fair and efficient land allocation policies, the ministry aims to optimize land utilization and minimize conflicts.

In addition to land administration, the Ministry of Land is also responsible for land-use planning. Through strategic planning initiatives, it seeks to balance competing demands for land while preserving environmentally sensitive areas and promoting sustainable development practices. This involves zoning regulations, environmental impact assessments, and coordination with other government agencies to achieve integrated land-use management.

Furthermore, the ministry plays a vital role in implementing land reform initiatives aimed at addressing land inequality and ensuring land rights for marginalized communities, including landless farmers and indigenous groups. Land reform measures may include land redistribution, tenure regularization, and land titling programs designed to empower landowners and improve their livelihoods.

The Ministry of Land operates through its various departments, including the Department of Land Records and Surveys, Department of Settlement and Land Records, and Department of Land Administration, each tasked with specific functions related to land management and administration.

Overall, the Ministry of Land in Bangladesh serves as a custodian of the country’s valuable land resources, striving to balance economic development with social equity and environmental sustainability. Through its policies and initiatives, it aims to create a fair and transparent land governance system that supports the nation’s growth and prosperity while respecting the rights of all citizens.

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