Life without hope is meaningless

Life without hope is meaningless. Hope is one of the chief supports of life. Apart from bread, we live upon hope. It makes our life easy and comfortable. It sustains life as bread does. It is hope that gives us strength, vigour and perseverance. It gives a stimulus to work. The present world would be intolerable if we have no hope for the better in the future.

Why is the value of time so important in our life?

Had there been no hope, life would have been miserable and would have fallen into nothingness. It is hope that keeps life afloat on the sea of the world. It cheers the mind and keeps us in our spirits in distress. If hope is taken away, the ship of life will surely be wrecked on the rock of despair. Hope is, therefore, one of the greatest gifts that Allah has bestowed upon us. But there is no end of hope. When one hope is gone, another quickly takes its place. Man is sometimes deceived by hope and as such it is called a traitor. But in spite of all its deceptions, it is loved and cherished by hope. It can never desert him though he is left by all his near and dear ones. Sorrows and adversities must come to the life of man but he cannot tolerate and overcome them unless hope inspires him.

When adversities come upon a man, hope gives him courage and tells him that they will soon pass away and happiness will follow them. Thus, it is hope that saves him when everything else fails. Hope teaches us patience and endurance. Where there is hope, there is patience, endurance and tenacity of purpose. So, nothing can benefit life more than hope. But hope should not be too high because they are seldom realized. It is not proper to hope for things that are unattainable but it is better to hope unattainable hope if there is no hope for the betterment in future.

*Obiously Life without hope is meaningless

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