Importance of female education

Female education is crying need. There can be no valid argument for keeping the females uneducated. To get the acme of perfection, both male and female education must be ensured. Now-a-days all thinking people are of the view that female education is essential for the over-all progress.

Females are part of human race: Man is the best creation of almighty. Here man means both male and female. Our creator has endured human beings with rationally and sanity. To develop and flourish these rare phenomena, both male and female must be educated. Education ennobles our mind and develops our sensibility. And our female section must have the right to educate themselves for the improvement of their faculties.

Education should be universalized: Education means the mental and intellectual right. Everyone has the right to get education. It refines and enlightens human beings. Every get person of the world have put higher importance of education. Without education, man is like a beast. Ignorance is a great evil. It disparages a man. Education leads a man to a higher state. God himself has made education compulsory for every human being. Thus education should be universal. It is a abominable act to make education available for a section. Thus our female folk must be given equal opportunity to peruse education like man.

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View against female education: It is inevitable that keeping female section uneducated, no nation can stand upright. There are some people who argue against female education. They argue if they are educated they will overlook their duties. They will involve them in reading. As a result, the domestic chores will be ignored by them. Secondly, they argue female education is waste of time, money and energy. Thirdly, if the females are educated, they will demean their ordained duty of rearing children and caring husband. However, it can definitely said that these are blesses arguments and we have to shake off these lame excuse.

Reasons of education of women: women education is manifold blessing. It will be source of our energy and potentialities. As female the half of our share, their education means a great wealth for us. Because, an educated woman is an educated mother. She can easily real children. She can provide better care and nutrition husband and other inmates of the house. Secondly, an educated mother is an earner. She can boost up the economy of a family. Thirdly, an educated woman can easily decide about the good prospects of a family. Fourthly, an educated mother can educated her children well. They can give an educated nation. Fifthly, an educated woman can be a proper citizen. She can take the responsibility for the betterment of a nation. Now-a-days we see educated women becoming pilots, doctors, engineers, social worker etc.

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Ways to taken for this: As a civilized nation, we must ensure women education. We should shun our prejudices against female education. Religious restrictions should not be imposed here. We should set up sufficient institutions for educating our girls. We have to create opportunities for them. We must stop early marriage. Realizing the importance the female education, our government has taken female stipend program and free education for the women.

Female education is vitally important for establishing a civilized nation. They should not be deprived of it. All steps should be taken to ensure education for females. If females are educated, we will be able to rise our head in a dignified way among the developed nations.

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