Importance of family planning in Bangladesh

Family planning is crying need in Bangladesh. It is much talked about subject Now-a-days. It is talked of everywhere from the highest offices of the state to the village tea stalls. It is whispered in the urban houses as well as village cottages. Family planning has become a big issue now. It is problem of problems.

But now the question arises what is meant by family planning. By family planning, we mean a planning to keep rate of growth of population in check by educating the people about the use of contraceptives and by opening about the birth control clinics. But in its absolute the sense, family planning doesn’t always mean birth control on the total prevention of conception. It does not mean abortion which destroys human life. It may be broadly defined as a process which helps a particular family to lead a happy, healthy and prospectus life. It is not only spacing child birth but also planning for an economic life, planning for educational facilities for children, and planning for healthy and happy home with the barest minimum of amenities a man is entitled to. The number of children is each family should be decided in advance and the birth of children should be by choice and not be chance.

Importance of female education

It is said that uncontrolled population increase create problem relating to maternal and child health. The mother’s mortality and the infant mortality rates are high in our country in relation to other countries of the world. Hence family planning is great important here in view of our present social and economic development. It is indispensable to curb the high rate of increase in Bangladesh and to offset the effect of reduced mortality rate brought about by enforcement of more efficient health measure in recent years.

Has technology given us more free time?

It is also essential for better nutrition, better health and better living in general. It is for these reasons that there should not have any religious opposition to0 the philosophy of family planning.

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