How to Quit Smoking

How to Quit Smoking? What are the effects of smoking and tobacco?

Smoking is a habit without any benefit at all. Rather it causes many dangerous diseases. It also pollutes our environment. Smoking can damage a man causing many fatal diseases like cancer, consumption, cardiac complaint, bronchitis, ulcer and so on.

A man may have the right to destroy himself but he has got no right to do harm to others. But a smoker does that when he delightfully lights his cigarette stick in the chamber, offices, market of his own or others.

The Dangers of Drug addiction

Smokers are also seen smoking in buses which is very dangerous. The passengers, who are non-smokers, then become helpless.

A smoker is such is cruel person that he even does not think of his children. Children are affected much because of theirs parent’s smoking.

“Smoking is injurious to health” a statutory warning is written each packet of cigarette is shown on the screen after a pompous display of ads favoring smoking. Really this is paradoxical.

Bangladesh is a welfare-state and government of the welfare state should take measures to stop advertising on smoking. Besides, there should be smoking zones where the smokers can smoke freely and in that case, the non-smokers will remain safe from smoking.

The Dangers of Drug addiction

In many countries smoking publically and in open places is strictly prohibited. For the betterment of our life, we can make such a rule that can ensure the non-smokers that they would not be affected more.

How to quit smoking?

Smoking is like an addiction. If you want to get out of this, the following methods can be used.

1. Make a pledge to quit smoking today. Throw the cigarette pack on the table or in your pocket in the dustbin

2. Try not smoking for a day. Then stay away from smoking for two or three days. Then the habit will develop.

3. Follow those around you who have quit smoking. Try to find out what changes in their health.

4. Take a look at how much money you spend on cigarettes or tobacco products every month? It will be easier for you without smoking. You can save that money and spend it in other sectors.

5. Avoid the company of your smoking friends.

6. You can ginger in your mouth after quitting smoking. Then the attraction to smoking will decrease.

7. Walk down the street at the time you want to smoke. Then there will be no demand for smoking.

8. Stay away from smoking corner anywhere.

9. Can read anti-smoking and health awareness books.

10. If you are hopeless, you can consult a doctor and take counseling help.

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