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Department of Social Services Jobs Circular 2024

DSS job circular 2024: Manpower will be appointed to the vacant posts of the Department of Social Services under the Ministry of Social Welfare. Department of Social Services will appoint a total of 349 people in 32 posts. Both men and women can apply for the posts in all districts. Interested candidates can apply online. If interested and qualified you can also apply. Complete notification (DSS job circular 2024) is given in detail.

DTE job circular 2024

Name and number of posts

  1. Chief Assistant – 18
  2. Computer Operator – 04
  3. Typist cum Computer Operator – 02
  4. Instructor – 02
  5. Instructor for Trade Course – 03
  6. Stereo Typing Machine Operator – 01
  7. Cashier cum Computer Operator – 01
  8. Field Supervisor – 20
  9. Graduate Teacher – 14
  10. Office Assistant cum Computer Numerologist – 57
  11. Data Entry Operator – 31
  12. Account Assistant – 08
  13. Storekeeper – 04
  14. Telephone Operator – 01
  15. Bench Assistant – 01
  16. Nurse – 04
  17. Compounder – 32
  18. Driver – 02
  19. Photocopy Operator – 02
  20. Technical Trainers (Upazila) – 11
  21. Helper – 02
  22. Feeder Attendant – 01
  23. Nanny – 05
  24. Attendant – 02
  25. Doorman – 04
  26. Security Guard – 15
  27. Cook – 20
  28. Assistant cook – 02
  29. Gardener – 01
  30. Cleaning staff – 04
  31. Office assistant – 67
  32. Messenger – 08

Application StartTime: 01 April 2024 from 10:00 AM onwards.
Application Deadline:21 April 2024 at 11:59 PM.

ApplicationProcess:Apply online through http://dss.teletalk.com.bd website and send application form online. The examination fee should be submitted through SMS on mobile within 72 hours from the time of submission of online application.

See detailed notification…

Department of Social Services

The Department of Social Services (DSS) in Bangladesh plays a pivotal role in ensuring social welfare and development initiatives for the country’s citizens, particularly those in vulnerable situations. Established in 1961, the DSS operates under the Ministry of Social Welfare and is tasked with implementing various programs and policies aimed at uplifting marginalized communities, protecting the rights of children and women, and providing support to individuals with disabilities and elderly citizens.

One of the primary objectives of the Department of Social Services is to address poverty alleviation and social inequality through a range of interventions. This includes providing financial assistance, vocational training, and livelihood support to impoverished families, enabling them to improve their socio-economic status and break the cycle of poverty. The department also administers social safety net programs such as old age pensions, widow allowances, and stipends for disadvantaged students, ensuring that basic needs are met for those most in need.

Moreover, the DSS is actively involved in promoting social inclusion and empowerment, particularly for vulnerable groups such as persons with disabilities and elderly individuals. It oversees the establishment and management of community-based rehabilitation centers, special schools, and daycare facilities, offering specialized services and support to enhance the quality of life for persons with disabilities. Additionally, the department implements initiatives to raise awareness about disability rights and facilitate their integration into mainstream society.

In the realm of child welfare, the Department of Social Services works towards ensuring the protection and well-being of children across the country. It operates child protection centers, shelters, and orphanages, providing care and support to children who are victims of abuse, exploitation, or neglect. The department also focuses on promoting education, healthcare, and nutrition for children, aiming to create a nurturing environment conducive to their overall development.

Furthermore, the DSS is responsible for coordinating disaster management and relief efforts, particularly during times of natural calamities such as floods, cyclones, and droughts. It collaborates with various governmental and non-governmental organizations to provide emergency assistance, shelter, and rehabilitation support to affected communities, helping them recover and rebuild their lives in the aftermath of disasters.

In recent years, the Department of Social Services has increasingly emphasized the use of technology and innovation to enhance service delivery and efficiency. It has implemented digital platforms for beneficiary registration, monitoring, and evaluation, streamlining processes and ensuring transparency in the distribution of social welfare benefits.

Overall, the Department of Social Services in Bangladesh serves as a critical institution in promoting social justice, equality, and human dignity. Through its diverse range of programs and initiatives, it continues to make significant strides towards building a more inclusive and equitable society for all citizens.

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