Importance of female education

Importance of female education

Introduction: Female education is crying need. There can be no valid argument for keeping the females uneducated. To get the acme of perfection, both male and female education must be ensured. Now-a-days all thinking people are of the view that female education is essential for the over-all progress. Females are part of human race: Man … Read more

Why freedom of the press is important?

freedom of the press

Importance of Freedom of the press Introduction: Press is essential part of civil state. It is symbol of citizen’s free sense of expression. It shows their high sense of dignity, honor.  A developed and enlightened country is expose through free press. Thus freedom of the press must be ensured for an innovation nation. Function of … Read more

Unemployment problem in Bangladesh and it’s solution

Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

A great problem : Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh Introduction: Unemployment is a great problem. This problem is prevalent everywhere. No country in the world is free from this. In our country this problem is acute and all-grasping. What is unemployment? : When the number of people of a -particular country or area not having a … Read more